Sunday, 19 October 2008

Hello, and week of 'solitude' is over.

First of all, just like to say hey, cheers for reading, and welcome to my blog! Decided to set one up to keep track of my work, projects, and share things with the world.

The week of solitude, an idea gone wrong, but also to its purpose. After a stressful run at work, I decided to get myself away for a week - away from my house, friends, and work. Just something to give me some time to work on my own things, and see the family.

The week started out great - cracked open Notepad++, and st
arted work on the editor for my game engine, Psybrus. Oddly, the editor is called PsybrusEd. Got to work on getting my game data packer into a Python module for use by tools, and very swiftly put together a simple GUI interface using wxPython and wxFormBuilder.

And to the left is my bare basic Game Data popup, solely for building game data. Current implementation recurses the GameData folder to search for resources. This was originally done by the packer itself, however it's now been moved over to Python, and everything is in place ready to start on the SQLite implementation, rather than relying on SVN.

Once this was all done, Tuesday arrived. I decided that because of how poor my build times on a project I'm working on, I implemented versioning on resources, as well as caching them to a temp folder (C:\tmp at the moment) when build, so they can be reused if they have not changed. Currently using the resources time stamp for their version, however this is something that will change at a later date.

Tuesday began to get boring at this point, so I headed off for lunch with Tim and Martin, a couple of friends who work for a local games company. Just an excuse to get out of the bedroom and get a bit of exercise.

With Tuesday eventually out of the way, Wednesday came. I started to revive my old SWIG bindings for the engine from back when I was still using OpenGL. This took the most part of the day, but at the end of it I got the basic window setup - see above!

The next couple of days were pretty lazy days, mostly involving watching season 1 of American Dad, but towards the end of Friday I implemented texture compression using the nice Squish library before embarking on the rather short journey back home.

And now that the week is over, my hangover is gone, I'm in the process of tidying up my UI system and hooking it in with wxPython to some degree, ready to start implementing the camera controls of the editor!

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